When Harry Got Married

On the dot 2.0 Rapidly approaching Another royal wedding. Who put the sparkle in Markle? Well, ginger beard done good. Like something out of a movie In this case, better than, Only royalty could pull This off. With pomp and Pageantry, with an American beauty, Who would have thought it? Everything goes full circle, Married[…]

Grateful Thankful

My luck is turning, For my better. Didn’t think that I warranted a change, But someone did. And I’m grateful everyday For some always find bad luck And it sticks. I’m obviously Made of Teflon, non-stick. My hard times have run away, Only thankful days Are with me now.

A Seat at my Table

Take up a pew, Converse a while, Drink with me To ease back the years. See where it went wrong Where I’m coming from And how it All got out of hand. Easy, isn’t it? When you can see it From another’s viewpoint Those humble misgivings.


Everything seems simple enough Until someone breaks a promise, You’re not happy, adjusting presently To accommodate them the contrary. Instinct is to confront, to man up Reminding them of their commitment, But that’s flogging a dead horse One that’s left the yard bolted. Instead, don’t go red, Push up your blood pressure stress, Stay calm[…]

Through the Looking Glass

We never heard them arguing Through the looking glass, Children should be seen, not heard Was our family buzz word. Never thought to ask Like running, I just came in first, Until one day first Was not an option, Numbness had set in. I didn’t ask questions anymore Just let my mind wonder Lived in[…]

Now is our Time

We are at a time where We have just come out Of hibernation, Winter Is done Spring is upon us. As we slept we dreamed Of greatness and prosperity For all, Now is our time. We saved for a rainy day Now that day is upon us, Houses for the needy, our Children and their[…]

Blue Monday

It’s a blue start to the day A melancholy Monday Anchor round the neck For the saddest day of the year. Or so we’re told Puts more pressure on Under pressure from What they call Blue Monday. There’s a New Order round town Straight from the 80’s About Blue Mondays work ethic Throw a sickie[…]

Sunny Side Up

I don’t know what it’s like To live on the streets But if it’s anything like My mind of scrambled egg, That I deal with daily, We both sing from the same Hymn book, we both know What it means to feel low. Begging to borrow on the Strength of tomorrows that Come and go[…]