Blue Monday

It’s a blue start to the day A melancholy Monday Anchor round the neck For the saddest day of the year. Or so we’re told Puts more pressure on Under pressure from What they call Blue Monday. There’s a New Order round town Straight from the 80’s About Blue Mondays work ethic Throw a sickie[…]

Sunny Side Up

I don’t know what it’s like To live on the streets But if it’s anything like My mind of scrambled egg, That I deal with daily, We both sing from the same Hymn book, we both know What it means to feel low. Begging to borrow on the Strength of tomorrows that Come and go[…]

The Old Etonians

Off-shore accounts with Money to spare, all locked Away without questioning Where. People of wealth Do all of their banking, It’s a private matter so Don’t ask its private. But if Bloggs did follow These Etonian fellows, an Affair with the law would Be what’s in store. So do As I say dear boy, do[…]



Happiness Thank God oh Lord for Happiness. Solemn about this, Look at my face At the joy it brings. Infectious ain’t it Happiness, Like warmth of the sun Coming out from a cloud. Grumpiness amiss, As smiles spread like Wildfire across this earth. Just seeing the word or Saying it out loud HAPPINESS, You can’t[…]

She Shines

On this greatest of days Mother she lays Outstretched on the bed For its Mothering Sunday. Don’t let’s forget She shines all of the days Of the year annually So let’s not forget.

Maternally Mine

A poem for mothers, especially on Mothering Sunday: I can see it See it clearly now Looking from a Mother angle. Brought me into, Into this world See the vision from The mother side. Took a while To see the signs Eternally with me My maternally mine.

Just Tired Now

I’m feeling tired Aware when awoken How tired I’m feeling From intermittent sleeping. My days go according To how I’ve been sleeping Tossing and turning No rest for this wicked. Weekends the same As all the other dreary Nothings to do when Lying awake, Doing crosswords and reading Filling my time till the dawning Of[…]

In Abundance

There is a Cause and effect To your love, The cause is Undoubted Affection an Abundance Of caring The gift to Be there when Troubles a coming. The effect is Well, i’ll let my Love show You the ways The effect you Have on me.


I can see the lovely of thee, Your walk your ways your shades, The loveliness it consumes me, Your rosy cheeks bring forth the May. Like roses make a summers day, like birds and earth are grounded there, I think of thee to verse and lay, And picnic in thy heart so fair. I’ll leave[…]