Glory Days

You ponder how your silhouette touched her face that way, When your shadow Lengthens in the sun As you both swim Laughing, doggy paddling. Having fun doesn’t Come that often as You recall glorious days. And that one sticks out As you’d lost touch And you wondered how Life could have been If you’d kept[…]

Someone’s Someone

Depressive this journey Wheels cog up around As the sky falls slowly over, Many a man had gone< Over the top to nowhere land Same old routine Made the fantasy of getting home Harder to visualize. I’ve seen with eyes peeled Men get shot in the foot But by their very own hand To stop[…]

Red Sky at Night

I hear the distance of war. Trumpets that pound out the light, Never so close but o so far I hear the trumpets shepherd the night. Flashes of cries passing by Clouded the mists of night Rain falling down as moist screams Blooded the sky, red by night. Trumpets fell silent I hear, Trouble blew[…]

Who the Cap Fits

Life was hard in the fifties When we come from abroad, Treated same as de Irish, Cat, Dawg oh my lord. Came here for a better life Struggled but we still strived Misunderstood by all de whites So gave ourselves high fives. Took all de jobs De whitey didn’t want Then hated and berated Cos[…]