Through the Looking Glass

We never heard them arguing
Through the looking glass,
Children should be seen, not heard
Was our family buzz word.
Never thought to ask
Like running, I just came in first,
Until one day first
Was not an option,
Numbness had set in.

I didn’t ask questions anymore
Just let my mind wonder
Lived in a dream-world of
The boy who use to come first.
For in my childhood
As everyone’s, life is
So much easier, so you’d
Think. But our lives are shaped
By the child in all of us,
The things we heard and saw
As adults turn subliminally.

Consciously we don’t see, like
As a child, a Teacher saying to me,
You’ll never make anything of your life.
Their words survive to this day,
They hurt, but you know what,
I’ve taken those words
Empowered them so I understand
Your life is there to be made.